Monday, February 6, 2012

Artist Feature: Caitlin Rose Boyle

Let Slip the Sparkledogs of War - from sadsadkiddie

For the month of February, Caitlin brings color to Ars Goetia!

I decided to pull heavily from the natural world for my banner demons. Using animal imagery that typically evokes thoughts of pestilence or horror, I wanted to use expression and color to saturate the characters with a kind of unrestrained and manic glee. Do they want to hug you or eat you?

Set Your Sights on Good Fortune - from sadsadkiddie

Caitlin Rose Boyle goes by her full name because there are a lot of "Caitlin Boyle"s on google, dammit. She is a creator of the creepy-cute, working in illustration, animation, comics & code. Caitlin's current work is a chimera of popular geek & cult culture mixed with depictions of grinning, toothy fauna.

Southwood Plantation Road - from sadsadkiddie

Caitlin's work can be found at,, and occasionally on twitter as @rattusRose, but you'll have to wade through tweets about noodles and coffee and Pittsburgh weather to get to the crunchy art center.

Dead Pets - from sadsadkiddie

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