Friday, September 2, 2011

New Look: September

This post is long overdue, but you probably noticed that the 72DEMONS blog has gone under a few graphical changes. Our new banner was created by the lovely Slugbones, a specialist in surreal monsters and creepy caricatures. Check out her work!

As an artist, I specialize in the grotesque, bizarre, and traditionally unappealing. I work mainly in 2D, in a mix of both real media and digital, and do a variety of concept work and illustration with a focus on monsters and creatures. I strive to evoke a plethora of feelings and reactions towards my creations - bonus points if they're conflicting, or end up telling my viewers stories that are far from what I had in mind while creating the piece.

Throughout the course of production Ars Goetia will feature a new banner by one of our artists every month - a sample of what to expect when the book is released.

Thumbnails used with the artist's permission. See more of Slug's work here!