Thursday, July 7, 2011

Phase 1: An artist is paired with a demon

Some things to think about.

Both traditional and digital pieces are accepted, so long as it is 2D. It is suggested that you work large (300 dpi at least) and keep it rated...oh, PG13. Above all, have fun with the project, evoking demons being dangerous and all. Try to bring out something in the demon that the original illustrators missed way back when.

Also consider the background/setting of the image. Where does your demon live when he's not being summoned? In what situation would your demon be summoned for? While one demon may be an all-around baddie, another may just want to be alone with his books/women/garden. Completeness and concept are emphasized here. At Ars Goetia we are aiming to redefine fantasy art as people view it.
The tone of the piece is completely up to the artist. Be lighthearted if you're striving for something different! Though I love a slobbering menace as much as the next girl if you want to keep it classical.

You'll want to fill out this application form first:


  1. How would one get a copy of the book when it is complete?